Enrico Cocco's Leg Lock Masters Program

Enrico Cocco's Leg Lock Masters Program

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Harness the SUPERPOWER of Leg Attacks In Your Jiu Jitsu Game Right Now 
New Jiu Jitsu Instructional DVD Training Program Reveals Bullet Proof Leg Attack System To Submit And Defeat Your Toughest Opponents On The Mat... Guaranteed. 
Here is What You’ll Get in This Full Length Leg Lock Master's  Instructional Training Program:
This brand new DVD instructional training program "Leg Lock Masters" reveals a powerful leg attack system that is being used at the highest level of competition today to WIN matches. 

Your Leg Lock Masters instructor is Enrico Cocco who is a Jiu Jitsu Black Belt that has been developing and perfecting his leg attack game since 2001! 
Enrico has been RIPPING through tournaments at the highest level laying waste to grizzled veteran grappling opponents and has claimed victory at the ADCC trials 3 times against some of the toughest competition in the World...
 ...with some really UNIQUE and SURPRISINGLY SIMPLE to pull off leg attacks set ups and finishes. 
About 95% of grapplers are not used to defending Leg Locks, so even experienced black belts make "rookie" mistakes... This is a sure fire way to get a submission and leave people scratching their heads... and the only limit is your imagination once you have access to this powerful system of techniques!
There is NO DOUBT that Enrico has a effective teaching style and incredibly unique leg attack game that can help you get better today.  As you will see below he has some of the best grapplers in the World standing behind the effectiveness of his game (plus a treasure chest of competition medals). 
This Leg Lock mastery systems works against the toughest guys in the World in training and competition, imagine what it can do for you!

For the first time Enrico Cocco is revealing this proven effective Leg Attack Masters technique system to help you win more matches with less effort in this new DVD instructional program....
Here is EVERYTHING you get (plus your fast action bonuses only for first 300 customers) in this NEW Leg Lock Masters DVD Bonus Package.... 
  "Leg Lock Masters" DVD 1: 
Fundamental Leg Locks And Set Ups
DVD #1 Preview: Fundamental Inside Heel Hook + Setup 
Here is what you get in Leg Lock Masters DVD #1:
  • Straight Outside Ankle Lock and how to actually finish it on good leg lockers.
  • Inside Straight Ankle Lock and why this one is better and has more pressure than the straight outside ankle lock.
  • Outside Heel Hook and how to use the proper modified grips to finish someone even if they have flexible knees.
  • Inside Heel Hook and all of the minor details controlling your opponent so they can't kick their knee passed the center-line.
  • Toe Hold and how to properly apply pressure technically and finish, even if the person boots.
  • Knee Bar and how this can turn into other submissions as well.
  • Enrico's Fundamental Strategy And Concepts for Attacking Leg Locks: The "how" and the "when."
  • Opponent Standing Bottom Butterfly Straight Ankle Lock setup and entry.
  • Opponent On Knees Bottom Butterfly Straight Ankle Lock setup and entry.
  • Top Closed Guard Drop Back Setup and Entry.
  • Top Closed Guard Standing Drop Back setup and entry.
  • Switch Over From Inside To Outside & Vice Versa from ankle locks to heel hooks, inside to outside.
  • And So Much More...
  "Leg Lock Masters" DVD #2: 
Advanced: Honey Hole And Ashi Garami Set Ups
DVD #2 Preview: X Grip Honey Hole Set Up 
Here is what you get in Leg Lock Masters DVD #2:
  • Outside Ankle Lock/Heel Hook Entry: From Bottom Butterfly
  • Outside Ankle Lock/Heel Hook Entry: From Stack Pass
  • Outside Ankle Lock/Heel Hook Entry: From Half Guard Top Windshield Wipe
  • Outside Ankle Lock/Heel Hook Entry: Half Guard Bottom Set Up
  • Outside Ankle Lock/Heel Hook Entry: Top Turtle Palhares Entry that your opponent will never see coming, giving you an easy entrance.
  • Outside Ankle Lock/Heel Hook Entry: Bottom Mount To Single X...just when your opponent thinks they are in a dominant position, they are now tapping to a heel hook.
  • Outside Ankle Lock/Heel Hook Entry: Bottom Mount To Single X Flexible Version
  • Honey Hole/Inside Heel Hook Entry: Leg Drag Top Butterfly Set Up
  • Honey Hole/Inside Heel Hook Entry: Bottom Knee On Belly Set Up
  • Honey Hole/Inside Heel Hook Entry: Iminari Roll (but not to 50/50...to honey hole)
  • Honey Hole/Inside Heel Hook Entry: Top Half Guard Back Step Set Up
  • Honey Hole/Inside Heel Hook Entry: Sumi Gaeshi Entry
  • Honey Hole/Inside Heel Hook Entry: X Grip On Standing Opponent
  • Honey Hole/Inside Heel Hook Entry: Body Lock Honey Hole Entry
  • And Much Much More...
  "Leg Lock Masters" DVD #3: 
Defending The Most Popular Leg Locks
DVD #3 Preview: Honey Hole Escape
Here is what you get in Leg Lock Masters DVD #3:
  • Fundamental: Straight Outside Ankle Lock Defense
  • Fundamental: Inside Straight Ankle Lock Defense
  • The Boot and how to use it the right way.
  • Outside Heel Hook Defense
  • Inside Heel Hook Defense
  • Toe Hold Defense
  • Knee Bar Defense
  • Concepts: Defending Leg Locks
  • Straight Outside Ankle Lock Defense (Head Control And Sprawl) 
  • Heel Hook Outside Defense (Limp Leg)
  • Honey Hole Escape (Thread Hook In)
  • Kick Off Butt Knee Bar Defense
  • Fifty Fifty Closed Guard Escape where you leg is safe and theirs is in danger. 
  • Fifty Fifty Standing Escape even if opponent tries to sweep you over.
  • Fifty Fifty Step Foot Outside Leg Drag
  • And Much Much More....
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1 FREE Month At Enrico's Zen Jiu Jitsu Academy 
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Fast Action Bonus #2
Eddie Cummings VS Enrico Cocco At ADCC Trials Narrative Breakdown Video!
Watch as we use the latest screen capture software to allow Enrico to actually narrate his tournament match with Eddie Cummings and demonstrates all the techniques he used from the "Leg Lock Masters" Program.
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Fast Action Bonus #3
Enrico's Full Leg lock Stretch Routine
Watch as Enrico walks you through his entire stretch routine that allows him to have the flexibility to escape heel hooks and lower his chances of any injuries.
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Check Out What Everyone is Saying About Enrico Cocco's "Leg Lock Masters" Program:
Roberto Cyborg Abreu
Vagner Rocha
Brian McLaughlin
Enrico Student
 "My name is Andy Perez and I am 22 years old. I started wrestling in high school and fell in love with all combat sports ever since. Coming from a wrestling background I would mostly focus on top control while competing which led to most of my wins being via points until I started training under Enrico Cocco. Took a couple gyms until I found Zen jiu jitsu in June 2015 where Enrico Cocco introduced me to the game of leg locks which has helped me dramatically finish submissions instead of relying on points. Cocco's style of teaching allowed me to advance in leg locks almost instantaneously. Ever since then I've been able to tap out teammates every class with the systems he's taught me. I am now a blue belt under Enrico Cocco but with his system I have been able to compete against black belts and win. If you're looking to advance and advance quickly then don't miss out #coccogottherecipe"

-Andy Perez Zen jiujitsu Blue belt
 "My name is Elvin Espinoza. I've been training under Enrico Cocco for two years and a half. In thoses two years I have improved in my overall jiu jitsu and learned a lot about the leg lock game. I've been able to compete and win multiple tournaments with his leg lock system. Enrico Cocco is an amazing coach. He gives very detailed explanations when teaching which helps me learn the techniques correctly. I'm glad to be a part of his team and have him in my corner."

- Elvin Espinoza Zen jiujitsu purple belt
"I started training with Enrico Cocco eight months ago with no prior jiujitsu experience. Along with all the other basic techniques, Enrico started teaching me his dynamic leg lock system. I've learned all kinds of ways to attack the legs from different positions and how to safely defend against leg lock attacks. Whether you're a beginner who wants to learn leg locks or you're an advanced grappler, Enrico will help improve and diversify you're leg lock game."
-John Franco Zen Jiujitsu White belt
When you take advantage of this special opportunity to grab this Leg Lock Masters Program DVD You Get All This: 
This instructional is designed to be BEGINNER friendly and also works at a very advanced level. Also, you DO NOT need to be super flexible, athletic, or strong to make this work for you. 
Plus, you get our "You Will Get Better" 30 Day Money Back Guarantee....
If you watch this and practice the Leg Lock Masters DVD set in the first 30 days and you do not see a DRAMATIC difference in your ability to catch more leg lock submissions you can get a full refund. That is how confident we are in this system. 
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ADCC Training Footage
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