Rob Kahn's No Gi Library

Rob Kahn's No Gi Library

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Discover The Quickest And Easiest Way To Make Lightening Speed Progress In Jiu Jitsu No Matter What Level You Are At Right Now!

"This is probably the best professional training you will ever experience... period!"

I’m Matt Arroyo and in the next few minutes I’m going to tell you how you can… Control, Dominate and Submit Your Opponent by Mastering the Art of NO-GI 

 So why should you listen to me?

Well, back in 2003 I started Jiu Jitsu and there was literally only one Black Belt teaching this martial art here in Tampa, and he was about 30 miles from me. 

So, the only choice I had was to start training under some blue and purple belts, and make the occasional trip to the one Black Belt. 

After a year of this, I was still getting tapped out left and right by guys who I knew I could beat, and I just couldn’t put my game together.

Royce Grace

3 Time UFC Champion & UFC Hall of Famer Living Legend In Jiu Jitsu and MMA

Now, since I had been training at a Royce Grace Network school, I decided to go to one of Royce’s seminars

I was really excited, and eager, and when it was time to roll I just barely stayed alive, and yet I still somehow managed to get my blue belt that day. 

In case you didn’t know, Royce Grace is 3 time UFC Champion, UFC Hall of Famer, and is an absolute Living Legend in the art of Jiu Jitsu and MMA. 

So I knew I was at least getting the right kind of professional training.

Above is a picture of me with
my blue belt.
Look at that monster!

What Do I Do?

Okay, moving on…By this time I had graduated from the University of Tampa, and took a job that I really hated selling life insurance. 

All I wanted to do with every waking hour was train!!! 

It was all my mind could focus on.

And it was all I ever thought about. 

I was really frustrated, I felt lost, and I needed a change.

Here’s me trying to
look happy at my work

Enter the legendary…
Rob Khan


Now as luck would have it, just around that time Royce Gracie black belt Rob Khan moved to Tampa and opened up a school called Gracie Tampa. 

Well, the rest is history…I joined up that day and starting learning from him.

They Way Rob showed his style of No Gi was different than anything I had ever seen before.  He completely systemized it and I watched as myself and everyone around me just “got it” and improved at lightning speed! 

I was living my dream, and for me the only way was going to be up.

Now, I should mention here that the reason I’m telling you all this is because this is how easy it was for me to move up the ranks, and believe me if I can do this stuff then so can you!

Within 6 Months of Meeting Rob
I Went From a Blue Belt to a Purple Belt With 4 Stripes From Royce and Rob
I Fought In The Ultimate Fighter Season 6
I Fought In UFC And Got The Submission Of The Night Award
Opened Up MMA Academy
Eventually Got My Black Belt From Rob




*** And I was even featured in a Video Game called UFC Undisputed ***

And Last But Not Least I Won The 2014 ADCC Trials And Competed in Abu Dhabi 2015 in Brazil!

Trust me guys. I’m not the best learner out there. I have a lot trouble understanding things without having to ask a million questions, however…

Rob’s system was different than anything I’ve seen anywhere. It was simple and it WORKED! 

As a purple belt I was now tapping out black belts in Grappling matches, MMA fights, and in training. 

Now Here’s Some Really Great News…

I told Rob that he was being a bit selfish keeping this system closely guarded at Gracie Tampa, and that he needed to share it with the world. 

So Guess what? 


What Is The No Gi Library?

This DVD series came from a 12 Week Coaching (mentoring) Program. 

The No Gi Library system has 125 videos on EVERY position in Jiu Jitsu, and we have now made it available to you for the first time ever in DVD format! 

We teach you No Gi fundamental techniques, and advanced techniques.

DVD #1 (Guard, and Guard Passing)
Guard Attacks & Sweeps:
  • Open Guard Drill
  • Basic Arm Bar From Guard
  • Basic Triangle From Guard
  • Basic Omaplata From Guard
  • 3 Brothers Drill
  • Kimora From Guard
  • Basic Guillotine From Guard
  • Kimura Sweep or Bump Sweep From Guard
  • 3 Wise Men Drill
  • Basic Scissor Sweep
  • Basic Push Sweep
  • Pendulum Sweep
  • Butterfly Guard Bottom (fundamentals)
  • Shoulder Jump Arm Bar Series
  • Shoulder Jump Razor
  • Scissor Sweep To Set Up Triangle
  • Kimura Sweep To The Triangle
  • Pendulum Sweep To The Triangle
  • Finish Every Triangle
  • Elevator Sweep From Butterfly
  • Stand Up From Butterfly Guard
  • Basic Straight Ankle Lock 
Guard Passes:
  • Guard Defense & Basic Arm Bar Under Pass
  • Basic Knee Through Pass
  • Knee Through Arm Under Pass (1 2 Punch)
  • Short Person Double Under Pass
  • Tall Person Double Under Pass
  • Knee Around Stand Up Pass
  • Rob 2 On 1 Pass 
  • 2 On 1 (Jump to Other Side)
  • Rob Knee Push Pass
  • Butterfly Jump Pass
  • Double Under to Flip Over Pass to Back
  • Baiting The Submission to Get The Pass
  • Marcello Stand Up Pass
Half Guard Top & Bottom:
  • Half Guard Fundamentals Top
  • Top Half Guard Pass
  • Half Guard Pass Shoulder Pressure & Chin Strap
  • Twisted Half Guard Pass Top
  • Basics Of Half Guard Bottom
  • Goofy Guard Sweep
  • Half Guard Bottom Ankle Pick Sweep
  • Bottom Half Guard Wizzer Roll To The Back Vice Versa
    DVD #2 (Side Control, Mount, and Escape)
    •   Side Control Position 1
    •  Side Control Position 2
    • Side Control Position 3 
    •  Americana From Side Control 
    •  Kimora From Side Control 
    •  Straight Armlock From Side 
    •  Forcing Mistake From Side Control
    •  Controlling Side Mount With Shoulder 
    •  Regaining The Under hook From Top Side 
    •  Razor Arm Lock From Side Control
    •  Advanced X Grip Kimora From Side
    •  Advanced X Grip Kimora To Arm Bar From Side Control   
    • Swivel Arm Bar From Side
    •  Elbow Escape From Side Control
    • Under Hook Escape From Side Control
    •  Defending Mount (Elbow Escape) 
    •  Defending The Mount(Under Hook Bridge) 
    • Defending The Mount (Mix Both Methods) 
    •  Under Hook Single Leg Escape From Side Control 
    •  Belt Roll Side Control Escape 
    •  Control 3 Escape (Kasakatame) 
    • Americana From Mount
    •  Basic Armbar From Mount
    •  Head & Arm Triangle From Mount
    •  WTII Grip To Gift Wrap To Back
    • Tricking The Mistake
    •  Guillotine From Mount
    • What Time is it Grip
    • Head Smash Arm Bar From Mount
    •  Triangle From Mount Using Shoulder
    •  Mounted Triangle To Armbar
    •  Razor From Mount
    • Setting Patterns & Breaking Them
    •  Bottom Mount Fundamentals
    • Elbow Escape From Mount
    • Upa (Bridge & Roll) From Mount
    • Defending Lockdowns When Mounted
    •  Hip Smash Mount Escape
    •  Feet in Armpit Mount Escape
    •  Escape From Foot in Hip Mount
    DVD #3 (Turtle, Back, and Overall Escapes)
    Turtle & Back, Top & Bottom, Overall Defense:
    • Basic Back Take From Turtle Top
    • Turtle Roll (Top) to the back
    • Crucifix Set Up From Top Turtle
    • Crucifix From Top Turtle                   (If Opponent Rolls You)
    • Midget Twister From Top Turtle
    • Inverted Oma Plata From Top Turtle
    • Turtle (Bottom) Sit Back To Guard
    • Turtle Roll (Bottom) Back To Guard
    • Controlling The Back          (Seatbelt & Hooks)
    • Rear Naked Choke (Plus Tips)
    • Back Attack Strategy (Patience)
    • Bulldozer to Rear Naked Choke From Back
    • Modified Rear Naked Choke
    • Advanced Back Attacks         (Choke, Arm Bar, & Triangle)
    • One Arm Choke From Back
    • Kimura Grip Arm Bar From Back
    • Head Curl Arm Bar From Back
    • Basic Escape From Back
    • Advanced Back Escape
    Overall Defense:
    • Ankle Lock Escape 1
    • Ankle Lock Escape 2
    • Defense To Kimora From Guard
    • Defense To Guillotine From Guard
    • Defense To Arm Bar From Guard
    • Defense To Triangle Choke
    • Defense To Oma Plata
    • Defense To Kimora From Side Control
    • Defense To Arm Bar From     Mount 1
    • Defense To Arm Bar From     Mount 2
    • Defense To Americana From Mount
    • Defense To Triangle
    Gi Fundamentals & Our Favorite Advanced Chokes:
    • Basics Of Breaking Grips In Guard (Gi)
    • Cross Collar Choke Fundamentals
    • Cross Collar Choke From Mount
    • Bravo From Guard
    • Brabo or Darde From Side
    • Baseball Bat Choke From Side
    • Own Lapel Choke From Side Control
    • Wrap Around Choke
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    Shawn Monday

    “The course contained way more videos than I expected. I can honestly say when it comes to the money that I have spent on different training seminars or monthly classes; your course was a better value which I continue to use and reference on a consistent basis”

    Rob Keating

    “My Set-ups, control. and submission rate from side mount and mount have improved tremendously”Joshua Kincaid            (Brown Belt)

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